The story of Protura

While designing my own regenerative farming project, I realised that there was no single platform that could be used to design and manage the project. Many projects use a variety of different software tools, but none could provide the comprehensive support I needed. Instead of relying on a design tool that was unfamiliar with the plants I was growing, or putting all my data into an spreadsheet that quickly becomes a mess, I decided to create my own platform.

Protura connects users to an extensive database with over 500 plant species and their cultivars, and allows them to create detailed designs using map-based design tool. Users can access and select the best plants for their specific needs and get a peek of what their project could look like in the future.

Once the planting phase of your project is complete, the Protura platform takes care of the management processes. It includes a calendar and task list to help you keep track of what needs to be done and by whom. You can also store information about harvests and sales to get keep track of the progress of your project and identify areas for improvement.

The aim of Protura is to help you to become a better regenerative farmer by enabling you to achieve greater yields and resilience. Scroll down for a overview of the features that Protura offers.

Plant database

Protura contains an extensive library of over 500 plant species and their cultivars. With detailed information on these plants and their requirements, such as optimum climate and maximum crown width, you can be sure to find the perfect plants for your project.

Design your project

Protura's map-based design system helps you make the most of your property. The system provides multiple map layers to ensure that nothing is overlooked. You can easily share your project with others or use its filters to instantly see what grows where.

Add actvities

In order to improve your internal planning, you can use Protura to add activities such as pruning, harvesting, and mowing to your calendar. These activities can be assigned to both individual and groups of plants. Assign specific employees to these activities and ensure that each task is carried out effectively and on time.

Task board -
Tour group (3:00 h)
In progress1
Mowing - Mulberry (1:40 h)
Pruning - Gooseberry (11:30 h)

Divide up tasks

Protura provides a weekly overview of everyone's progress in one place, making it easier to manage and coordinate activities. With Protura you can easily keep track of deadlines and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Track harvests

Protura helps you understand the health of your plants, by tracking the harvest year on year. In this way, you can easily see which varieties are performing best and which parts of the property is underperforming. Protura takes the guesswork out of farming and helps you make informed decisions to maximise your yields and profitability.

Walnut -Juglans
Financial overview 2023


Protura can be used as a financial tool to accurately measure the amount of income streams generated from harvests and other activities. With the help of this tool, you can easily track the performance of your project and adjust your planning for the next year in order to generate more income and improve your financial position.